Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Employment Check NZ?​

The background technology comes from illion Tenancy Limited. illion Tenancy has been helping the real estate industry for many years by offering a way for landlords and property managers to run checks on prospective tenants. Employment Check is owned by the illion group of companies​.

Where do you get this information from? ​

Credit information is sourced from the illion credit bureau. Other information provided in our reports are sourced from government departments and private companies. The information supplied in our Public Check report is publicly available data, 

What do the reports look like? ​

Public Check  
Credit Report and Drivers License check.

Do you hold this information? ​

​The information is collated or pulled together rather than held. Each check is stored to be accessible only to the person who made the check​.

Do I need permission to run a check on someone? ​

You do​n't need permission to complete a Public Check which comprises information from around a dozen ​public ​sources.
You do need permission for any other check.​
These will require a Privacy Statement on your Application Form

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