Checking Services

Pricing is +GST

Criminal Record Check

$58 - 3 day report delivery
$48 - 14 day report delivery
$38 - 21 day report delivery


Also known as a criminal conviction history, or CCH, is the history of a persons criminal and traffic convictions in New Zealand that are held by the Ministry of Justice. It does not include:

  • infringements (such as parking tickets)
  • charges that have not gone to court
  • charges where you were not convicted
  • times where you have gone to court and were found not guilty
  • demerit points and driver licence suspensions

If you are eligible for a clean slate, your criminal record will be concealed under the Clean Slate scheme. 



Credit Check

$9.00 per check


Online credit checking with immediate onscreen reports from illion credit bureau. This means you can perform a credit check any time of the day with no wait time to get your report. Each credit check report shows a general credit history, a credit score, and previous creditor enquiry information.

Includes Drivers Licence verification to confirm the applicants details you have match with NZTA database records.



Public Check

$3.00 per check


This online check provides a background search through various sources simultaneously which includes, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Interpol, Employment Court, Court Judgement, news articles, Companies Office, Police 10/7, Sensible Sentencing Trust, NZ Gazette, Qualifications Registers. All searches are compiled into one report.

Check parameters are able to be changed to search 37 other countries. Learn More



Passport Check

$3.00 per check


Verifies New Zealand and Australian passports to confirm the applicants identity match with the Department of Internal Affairs.



Full Driver Licence Check

$3.00 per check


Information includes a persons Drivers Licence status, class/stage, endorsements, conditions and exemptions. The credit check supplies a free Drivers License verification. If this fails you are offered the ability to complete a Full Driver License check from NZTA which generally gives further information.